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T-Ma 馬敬恆

T-Ma (Terrence Ma) is an award winning music producer and songwriter based in Hong Kong. Starting off his music career at the age of 14, his band “Amplified” released their hit single “Mr. Raindrop” which was featured as a closing theme song for the popular anime “GINTAMA”. After completing his studies at Brown University, T-Ma joined Warner Chappell as a songwriter and honed his skills at Novasonic studios. 


Since 2013, T-Ma has worked with many renowned artists including G.E.M, Eric Chou, Ian Chan, A-Lin, Khalil Fong, Leon Lai, Coco Lee, Lee Rong Hao, Tia Ray, Jay Fung etc. T-Ma’s productions are Pop based and feature a wide range of genres including RnB, K-pop, Ballads, Acoustic, as well as Chinese fusion styles. He likes to combine east and west elements to create a new sound.

In 2018, T-Ma founded Blue Moon Productions, and in 2021 opened Blue Moon Studios HK. In the coming years, Blue Moon Productions aims to pioneer the sound of Asian music and provide top quality music services for the Asian and global music community.


Awards and Nominations:

2022 Chik Chak 903 Producer of the Year Award

2022 Metro Radio Producer of the Year Award

2021 Metro Radio Independent Musician Award

2021 Chill Club Top 10 Song of the Year - Alfred Hui’s “Feebleness” (無力感)

2021 Metro Radio Top 10 Song of the Year - Jay Fung’s "Miss Somebody” (思念即地獄)

2020 Golden Melody Awards Nomination for GEM’s “City Zoo” Album for Album of the year, Song of the year, Best Mandopop album, Best songwriter, & Best female artist category

2020 Golden Melody Awards Jury Award for GEM’s “City Zoo” Album

2017 RTHK Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Award for Jason Chan’s Before Leaving (告別之前)

For a full list of works click here

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